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LED characteristics

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The intrinsic characteristics of LED determine that it is the ideal light source to replace the traditional light source, it has a wide range of uses.
Small volume
The LED is basically a very small chip encapsulated in epoxy resin, so it's very small, very light.
Low power consumption
LED power consumption is very low, generally speaking, the working voltage of LED is 2-3.6V. The working current is 0.02-0.03A. That is to say, it does not consume more than 0.1W of electricity.
Long service life
Under suitable current and voltage, the life of LED can reach 100 thousand hours.
High brightness and low calorie
environmental protection
LED is made of non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lamps containing silver can cause pollution, and LED can also be recycled.
LED is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin, which is stronger than bulbs and fluorescent tubes. There are no loose parts inside the lamp. These characteristics make LED easy to damage.
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